The Good Shepard Mission has two state licenses. We have a class “E” boarding home license which is a Nonprofit Religious Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Program. The program is capable of  housing 30 men, and the shelter 26 men with an emergency capacity of 32.

The men in the shelter can stay for at least a two month period. Everything is provided free of charge which including housing, two meals a day, clothing, toiletries, ect. The men are accountable for their actions and when they acquire an income their money is saved for the future. They are obligated to attend our nightly chapel services.

The discipleship program is a nine month commitment. There is no admittance fee into the program, nor does the Ministry receive any State or City funding directly or indirectly  from the men in the program or the shelter.

There are two phases in the discipleship program. The program is specifically designed to enlighten men’s knowledge of salvation and strengthen the walk of those growing in their faith.

The first three months the men are required to spend the time in the house, and they are restricted from smoking throughout the nine month period. They are responsible for the things learned in the four classes throughout the day. These classes include Biblical studies, anger resolution, alcohol and drug addictions, group counseling, and individual counseling, and G.E.D. tutoring. First phase must pass an evaluation before moving into second phase. The second phase gives the opportunity to either serve the house, and help others (Interns), return to work, or go back to school. The department of Vocational rehabilitation offers government assistance of school advancement, and job skills.