I entered the program in 2000 and completed the  nine month program and graduated. After graduating I made the decision to stay on as a staff member and serve the Lord.

My mother Vada Kelly raised two boys without a father in the house. From a small boy church was mandatory in our house. Going to school was the same, mandatory. I graduated Eastside High School in Paterson NJ in 1973. My mother gave me a choice on what I was going to do now. Go to work, Go to the Army, or go to college. My choice was to go to Ramapo College of NJ.

After five years I graduated with a B.A. Degree in sociology/Urban studies.While in college I started to party on the weekends, drinking, smoking marijuana, and chasing behind women. My grades eventually dropped and I stopped going to classes but, in 1978 I graduated.

Returning to Paterson to I started to lived with my mother to work in the Paterson School Systems as a truant officer and the after school program Father English for children in grades 1-8 as a security officer.But during all that time the partying was still going on. In 2000, I was out of control with the drinking and drugging. This is when I came to The Good Shepard Mission for help from God.

It has been an enlightening experience to be a help in many men’s lives throughout the years as I continue to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. I look to grow every day and help others to do so also.